Diary 2021-05-15

By Max Woerner Chase

I more-or-less took things easy today, because I woke up tired and that never really turned around. I intend to rewrite the tests for the task runner tomorrow, and also go over some details of conlang phonotactics. Neither of those will look like much from the perspective of the blog; oh well.

I don't have anything else to write about right now, I'm just really tired. Here's an idea: in a few weeks, I should have my task runner in good enough shape to run against its own repository, and that'll give me the freedom to add all kinds of crazy opt-in testing and analysis.

What I have currently:

What I'm planning to add:

What I might add:

What I'm interested in suggestions for:

Basically, I'm going to want stuff that runs non-interactively from the command line, and can be convinced to output all relevant feedback in a form that, one way or another, ends up as a webpage. It should also be configurable in terms of what files it writes to, if any, such that I can run multiple processes in parallel in the same directory.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions there, my Mastodon account is right down there, so have at it. For now, I desperately need more sleep.

Good night.