Diary 2021-04-25

By Max Woerner Chase

I didn't get much done today. I think I'm approximately the normal level of tired for me lately, but it feels like I shoulder-checked a wall.

I did a little bit of conlang work, and started playing Portal Reloaded. Those are some weird puzzles, I recommend it.

I understand there's a new Pijul version coming soon really for real now. If that's landed by tomorrow I'll do template work, and try to put together a repo for conworld info, and if not, I'll get back to my task runner work.

I read up a bit more on Cement in anticipation of that. The most interesting thing I hadn't realized before is that the original recommendation that got me looking at Cement was sort of a non-sequitur, in that its interface to command-line parsing is just an extremely minimal wrapper over argparse, so, unlike many command-line parsers for Python, it doesn't really have a new or specific thing. I would describe the idea not as "using Cement for command-line parsing" but "using argparse via Cement for command-line parsing".

That diversion aside, once I have a noxfile set up, I'll be ready to really evaluate Cement.

For now, I'm feeling extremely tired.

Good night.