Diary 2021-04-03

By Max Woerner Chase

I had a migraine coming on as I wrapped up that last entry, and I've spent today cowering from the light and napping. Like, I'm mostly not still feeling it, but I've got extremely obvious limits on how much I can do stuff like, look at a screen.

It looks like there's some movement on some stuff I've worked on; we'll see.

I'm still thinking about the ╬╝Kanren stuff. I've concluded one thing I want for my implementation, as an auxiliary function, is something to convert a variable in the context of a state into a fully realized value. I've got some ideas for this, but I haven't been able to focus for long enough to put them all together.

I'm going to try to sketch stuff out for that after I post this, regardless, but I won't try too hard. I've still got to take things easy.

Good night.