Diary 2020-08-26

By Max Woerner Chase

So, everything is warm and gross right now. Rather than trying to focus on anything that really demands my concentration, I'm going to try to list the tutorials I've been looking into.

Speaking of which, I've got Processing installed now, and no concrete plan for doing anything wth it.

I also thought some more about my experimentation with LMMS, and given the extremely constrained nature of the first thing I tried to do with it, I think the best thing I can do with that is try to adapt it into a chord loop. Also, learn to write with chord loops.

I'm trying to remember if there was anything else.

Oh yeah, also pondering whether it would be worth it to try getting into niche card games. If I'm looking at it like that, probably not, but we'll see.

Oh yeah, I was also taking another look at Cement. Another look that nearly immediately left me feeling the same as last time. What that inspired me to do, and I haven't done this yet, just be inspired, is to design Cell to have templates for different kinds of projects, in line with the monorepo concept, so I can be like "okay, here's what's in here: a utility library, and, say, flask and cement apps that use it". Hypothetically speaking something like that.

Also also, I've got Leo installed as well. I'm probably physically incapable of looking into all of these things in depth in the next few weeks, but I'm feeling up for giving a new text editor a try.

(Also also also, we watched the Rankin/Bass Hobbit movie, and the backstory made me want to try again to learn to play Dwarf Fortress. "Why, I could manage a dwarven palace until its dramatic and untimely demise!")

Well, this post is a disorganized mess. So, it's an honest reflection of how I feel in this dang heat. So excited for the heat to break in the next few hours or so.

(I'll hopefully come back to this later and maybe actually do a thing.)

Good night.