Diary 2020-08-24

By Max Woerner Chase

Feeling better today, though the pizza we split for dinner is trying to have something to say about that.

I was doing stuff today that meant I couldn't get super into my super-project that tries to combine my various projects for dinking around with data from other tools based on repository layout. Less than half an hour ago, I started trying to turn my notes from after last post into something resembling a specification. One problem I'm having at this early stage is separating and naming the different parts. Like, I need a structure that maps relative paths within the repository to subproject metadata, but how do I want to handle different kinds of project? I guess I'll have to sketch out a hypothetical hybrid monorepo. One thing that's annoying about considering this is that implementing the basic cell predicates for a Rust project seems much fiddlier than for a Python project. Like I guess the code has to somehow determine whether the changed lines for a file are entirely inside a test block or not? I'm going to hope there's a crate for that, at least.

I'll have to consider this stuff when I'm better rested. Failing that, in a few days.

Good night.