Diary 2019-12-29

By Max Woerner Chase

I got in super late last night, so my prediction was validated.

Anyway, I got to thinking, maybe I'd like to switch back to working on a per-day kind of thing, see if that feels good. Six days I need. Coding. Solo RP. Conlanging. Maybe split the days up into pairs.

I'll try that starting next week.

For now, I spent most of today playing the more Minecraft. It's been the Equivalent Skies modpack. I believe I've gotten past the very basics, and now that I have miniaturization crafting, I now have the option to shove stuff into compact machines. But I think I don't want to shove stuff in if it's like Immersive Engineering and it's kind of meant to have associated decorations and such. I kind of have this idea of having floating islands focused around each mod, where for example there'd be a tree for Botania, a wizard tower for ThaumCraft, some kind of factory for Immersive Engineering, and maybe just a giant smeltery tank for Tinkers Construct.

What I have to figure out is, which mods don't want to be shoved aside. I think it's Botania, ThaumCraft, and Immersive Engineering for sure, and I don't know what else. ProjectE itself, I guess.

I also want to somewhat future-proof this whole concept, so I don't need to do really obnoxious changes when I hook up everything into an AE2 network.

I'm thinking I'll have the Botania island just clockwise from the mob farm, the ThaumCraft island clockwise from that, and the Immersive Engineering island clockwise from that. I wish I knew how big to make these, but maybe I can just make sure to mostly expand them away from my spawn point. Anyway, I've got some Actually Additions and Integrated Dynamics machines where this plan would put ThaumCraft, so I'll have to break those down and put them elsewhere. Maybe have a big compact machine for the mostly stand-alone kind of single-block machines, and have dedicated compact machines for crystallization and each empowerer recipe. I'm regularly throwing around absurb amounts of EMC from a tiny farm (Hopping bonsai slime trees on orange soil. So good, since the 9-slime block is ore-dictionaried.), so I'm not particularly bothered by the idea of making a bunch of empowerer multiblocks. Maybe if I stick them together somewhat, I can get a whole bunch into one block and just route stuff using item conduits.

I'll try to make some progress on this tomorrow, and also throw something together for the conlanging.

Good night.