Diary 2019-10-28

By Max Woerner Chase

I guess today I was mostly focusing on Toki Pona, maybe. I've got a rough draft of a condensed reference document based on the book. I'm probably going to have to try some of that mind-map thing I remember people pushing years ago, to figure out how to actually lay it out.

I did a little bit with music. I think I still haven't found a way of working that's really natural to me. Maybe try coming up with nonsense poems that suggest some kind of melody to me, and seeing how I think that should be notated.

Other than that, tried to catch up on some responsibilities. Initial results were... ehhh... Oh well, we're working on it.

I'm thinking about getting back to Structured Data. It kind of depends on how I feel once the work week starts back up, but I'm feeling a little less burnt out currently.

It's getting late and I'm sleepy, nothing more to do right now.

Good night.