Diary 2019-09-16

By Max Woerner Chase

I manually disabled the troublesome mutation tests. I mean I probably should have just added a one-second sleep to the test runner to stop the metadata from ever matching, but oh well, I don't feel like going back to fix that up right now.

I'm doing a bit more of the writing-with-rpg-rules. The first combat is kind of dragging, but hopefully that's just because I'm doing it over multiple days.

Mostly today we went shopping, so now the bed is nicer and I have more pants that fit, both very important things.

Okay, once again, writing stuff down here got me a little further in the writing there. I think it's time to switch to Mythic rules for a bit, but we'll see. I hope I get faster with this stuff, because I feel like I made more progress on this than I would have just trying to "write something" for the same amount of time. I probably need to print some stuff out and put it in a binder or something, so I can just look at it without scrambling around in a PDF.

I want to wrap things up for now.

Good night.