Diary 2019-09-14

By Max Woerner Chase

Today, I think my shins got better.

Instead of messing with any of my existing code, I put together an alternative interface around the PyTorch implementation of the GPT-2 models. In layman's terms, I point it at a text file, wait a few minutes, and then get back a bunch of ideas about what could go next. Most of these ideas are kind of bad, or at least don't appeal to me, but it does seem like this has potential to break writer's block. Like "I bet you can do better than this." I don't know how long this takes on really long files. It might take a really long time!

A while ago, we watched The Prophecy. I might have mentioned it then. Anyway, today we watched The Prophecy II. Still bonkers, so we got at least our money's worth from that rental. It more or less sticks to much of the formula established in the first one, but that formula is super weird, so it works out. I assume there's no Planet of the Apes movie starring Christopher Walken, but The Prophecy movies so far have been an oddly decent replacement for such a thing.

Finally, I decided to really get started on that whole writing thing. Basically, I'm trying to put a bunch of things together: The character and plotline management of The Adventure Crafter, the GM emulation of Mythic (Variations II (probably with some homebrew (I haven't decided yet))), and the rules of Risus. It's a little slow going to start with, because The Adventure Crafter is A Lot, and I made some rolls I'm having trouble with, but I'm happy with the stuff I've worked out from it so far. It just might take a little bit more effort to get this off the ground. Although, writing this entry seemed to be the push I needed to interpret the rolls and get the beginning the rest of the way done. I think I got through the first use of The Adventure Crafter. Just took a bunch of effort.

So much so that I'm definitely done for now. Good night.