Diary 2019-09-11

By Max Woerner Chase

Ugh. I'm wiped out right now, and Mypy has outstanding bugs to provide some of the functionality I want it to have to make Structured Data's consumers typecheck. The rest of the functionality, the chat has yet to get back to me about, so who even knows at this point? Not me, clearly.

I am spacing way out right now, so I'm kind of skeptical I can do anything significant right now. I'll try to switch gears later, and for the moment work on bits of writing.

Hopefully, if I try to help/"help" with Mypy, I'll see my way to having a quicker turnaround time on my end than I did with Jedi.

Anyway, taking a break from crowbarring new capabilities in Python to try out some stuff from Word Mill Games. In the past I've tried to work out a bunch of stuff up front and not gotten anywhere, so this time I'm trying to get moving with as little as possible. We'll see how that works out, but for now, I once again need to go lie down. It never ends.

Good night.