Diary 2019-07-24

By Max Woerner Chase

Rather than look into Seed stuff, I elected to implement the changes I wanted to make to the stuff I was messing around with in Lua.

(Since I mentioned it, I decided just now to take a look at how Pijul stores its global config. Looks like it checks $PIJUL_CONFIG_DIR/config.toml first, then $XDG_DATA_HOME/pijul/config/config.toml, then ~/.pijulconfig/config.toml. Okay, I can do that too, seems easy enough once I put some time towards it. I'll need to make sure I have those paths right, though.)

Anyway, I have another class system in Lua, since tiny class systems are really easy to put together in Lua. I think I prefer the ergonomics of this attempt to my previous endeavors. It's better suited to working with module tables, which is really what I should have been focusing on in the first place, in the context of Lua classes. I am somewhat at a loss for how to document it, since I've forgotten the tricks I pulled to make LDoc work with the kinds of stuff I was putting in method signatures. Having messed with this between the sentences, I think this is working, I just need to put in some effort.

Other stuff I'm doing: some reading, a tiny bit of writing, Nova Drift, silly movies from the early nineties, I don't remember what else and it's getting late.

Tomorrow, I'll try to improve the interaction between Seed and Pijul, and maybe put in another bug against Poetry asking for more functionality that I don't know that anyone else specifically wants. Good night.