Diary 2019-04-28

By Max Woerner Chase

I continue to angrily follow a tutorial that seems to have somehow gotten worse since the last time I looked at it. The diffs are just making less and less sense, it's ridiculous.

Anyway, that level of complaining in mind, I'm considering trying to make my own tutorial based on my efforts to rewrite and update this tutorial.

What I'm thinking of those efforts so far:

Thinking about what my own take on any of this would probably look like:

What I really need before I can plan the idea in earnest is to go through things again, and try to get further. (Part of the trick of this is that Coconut provides features comparable to Structured Data, more or less, so I've just, you know, got them, and I don't have to context-switch to developing them.) Having worked through this stuff once before sort of helps, but nowhere near as much as I would have expected. Not only has the tutorial been updated in ways that don't completely make sense, but the tcod library has been under active development, complete with deprecations, and my own code style has changed somewhat since I stepped away. The overall effect is like a tripod with a pogo stick duct-taped to each leg.

Anyway, I'd better get on this. I'm not even through Part 3 yet. Get on this later; I'm tired now. Good night.