Diary 2019-04-27

By Max Woerner Chase

Working on this post a little early because I overhauled the publishing pipeline's dependencies as a side effect of fixing a bug I had that was breaking Poetry in weird ways. I'm fairly confident it wasn't a Poetry bug, it's just that Poetry was able to reproduce it. My solution may have been... somewhat drastic: I uninstalled the Pythons that Homebrew was providing, and replaced them with pyenv. This had the unintentional effect of Marie-Kondo-ing my pip installation. I should probably make a requirements file for this folder, and hardcode the theme path.

Oh man, this one aspect of my system is getting way more organized now. This is exciting! I could probably install Anaconda now without getting mad at it, but let's not go crazy.

Let's take stock:

I'm not going to get too far on any projects now, but I want to try putting together one from scratch with this stuff. Cross my fingers I'll do better at working through the tutorial, because I'm going to try to rewrite the Python 3 roguelike tutorial in Coconut. And what better name to give to a vaguely medieval game in Python, than Dennis? Let's get the basics together.

Okay, before I jump into anything else, I need to work out the tasks:

And now it's midnight. Tomorrow, I can try actually writing code.