Diary 2019-04-12

By Max Woerner Chase

Very sleepy today. I made a project with Poetry and I'm gradually getting the tooling around it to parity with my other projects.

Scattered thoughts on this:

Something I'd been thinking about, but didn't really get to: some people want to be able to use pyproject.toml as a configuration file for various non-build-system purposes, and I can't tell whether that was the intention. In any case, it'll probably make me less sad than having various tools read from tox.ini and intepreting my fragment specifiers as their configuration sections. That... wasn't fun. Using poetry as a replacement for requirements.txt files is definitely great; I can imagine potentially getting into issues under very specific circumstances, but I think there's a way to address the edge cases I'm imagining.

Anyway, I'm barely awake at this point. Cannot write anything else useful now. Good night.