Diary 2019-04-10

By Max Woerner Chase

Okay, I'm done with the migraine for now, so let's lay out what I've got to work on, and try to address some of it.

Little bit of choice paralysis right now, so I'm going to get up, do other stuff for half an hour, and come back. It's cool, through the magic of editing you won't know I was gone.

Okay, I decided to first try to catch up on Jedi stuff. The guidance I got, either the code changed when I wasn't looking, or it was done from memory, because it didn't match the API in front of me. In any case, I'm not certain, but I think I got at least one of my new tests to pass. I'm honestly just going to toss this up when the local test runs finish, and see if Travis can better explain what's still and/or newly going wrong.

I feel a little bad that my post for tonight is just "I copied some code out of a GitHub comment and edited it until it wasn't obviously (to me) wrong" but them's the breaks. Actually, the breaks are slowly worse, because I can't seem to push. Something broke in the last two weeks.

Update: I changed a bunch of settings, and then stuff started working. It sure is great, knowing computers. I'm such an expert.

Anyway, that soaked enough time up that now I'm definitely done. I'm thinking tomorrow I'll revisit Exercism stuff.

Good night.

ETA: All tests pass? I don't believe you.