Diary 2019-04-07

By Max Woerner Chase

Yesterday's post goes up at the same time as this one because "page fails to render" evidently isn't a good enough reason to throw up an error that would halt compilation. I don't think that behavior is my fault, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, I didn't get a successful run of anything together today, but I did try putting stuff together with Nox. It's so far looking like a better fit for the cookiecutter-pylibrary workflow than tox is.

Anyway, I shouldn't have done as much as I did today, honestly, but I over-exerted myself because I have poor judgment. It turns out the "head hurty" was a migraine. It sucks!!!

Kind of amazed that I haven't managed to combine "intense stress" and "staring at a computer screen" like that before, to be honest, but now I have.

Wish me luck at taking it easy; it's evidently difficult for me right now! Good night.

ETA: I had to add --fatal errors to the command, to get the behavior I had been assuming I'd be getting all along. Why... Why is it not just like that?