Diary 2019-03-13

By Max Woerner Chase

I kicked off the week doing various bits of housekeeping on the Structured Data repo. This included:

I also made a branch for testing against the latest coverage.py alpha. I'm not sure what kind of things I need to do to make coverage work as it did under divide-and-cover. My big concern right now is making sure all imports of source files are accomplished by context 1. My use of fixtures may make this work, but I'm not certain.

I'm going to have to ponder Coverage's documentation, look into making some kind of enhancements to reporting, and maybe focus on other things about this code for now. For example, I haven't touched the syntax file, and it's still taunting me with its excessive lack of color. I'll try to get back up to speed on that in the next few days, because I really want to make the Augmented syntax definitions the best they can be.

For now, the best I can be is ready for tomorrow and in bed. Good night.