Diary 2019-02-10

By Max Woerner Chase

Took things easy again today, did a little less. I'm doing programming exercises on Exercism, and it's hard for me to say much about them, because I've mostly been doing the easy stuff. I should probably ramp that up a bit. And read more.

I ended up getting distracted by a game, though.

Also, we watched Samurai Cop, which is probably not the worst movie I've seen, but it's certainly up there in terms of confusion. Representative reactions: "I wish I knew enough about cinematography to explain why this sequence is so confusing." and, after listening to some of the dialogue "Am I having a stroke?" Also, I had really excellent timing when, during one of the movie's interminable sex scenes, I wondered aloud if it was going to abruptly cut to something else completely, at which point it did. Sumarai Cop really loved abrupt, confusing cuts.

I'd better wrap this up, it's late. Good night, and maybe I'll have something more substantial tomorrow.