Diary 2019-02-09

By Max Woerner Chase

Things went well today. Not much to talk about. Read some. Coded some.

I think I'd like to switch to a larger-scale project, whether that's picking back up the secret project (far less interesting than I'm making it sound), or something card-related.

I got inspired to try out VoiceOver today, and I ended up trying it on some truly awful webpages. Sometime I should make sure that my blog isn't one of them. I also wonder if it'd be good for testing out user interface designs. What's it that I read where, that features that make something usable for people that need them, often prove helpful to people that don't? And I think Leonard Richardson, among others, has pointed out that restrictions breed creativity.

Anyway, time to face the weekend head-on, by which I mean curled up in bed.