Diary 2019-01-11

By Max Woerner Chase

Didn't get much done today. I spent most of work auditing and upgrading systems. Typing the same commands over and over was like semantic satiation for my fingers. After that, I just wanted to take it easy. So I listened to music, cleaned up my browser tabs, tried to track down a webcomic from the aughts, added type annotations to the publisher script, read about Erlang... You know, relaxing things.

(The type annotations got a little less relaxing when I realized that a massive chunk of the logic is based around just, strings. I wonder if I can make use of pathlib to make it a little richer.)

I've got PICO-8 open for tomorrow. I want to stop talking about working on it, and work on it.

This year feels like kind of a mixed bag so far. I feel like I'm making great progress on things... when I make progress at all. Oh well, not helping anything by being up this late. Better work on sleep first.