Diary 2019-01-07

By Max Woerner Chase

I am, shall we say, somewhat apprehensive about how this next week is going to be at work, because of some coordination stuff that I don't want to get into. Allegedly, everything is taken care of, but I'm skeptical.

Anyway, I'm ramping up slowly. I read another chapter. I wasn't intending to analyze this, but I am noticing stuff, like, the narrative reveals how they feel about each other, and then later mentions why. It's still pretty quick-feeling, but it's a lot better than how things went in, say, Maniac Cop 3, which is not a romance but does feature a romance-presenting occurrence.

So, I don't want to commit to working harder on these things until I see how things shake out at work. ... I say that, but also I'm having a good time in Minecraft. I'm kind of trying to impose my own rules for getting through the pack I'm in, Enigmatica 2. I'm basically not bothering with the quest rewards, just using them as a checklist. Ideally, I'd have a non-Skyblock pack that has guide-only quests that explain each family of mods. Enigmatica 2 is almost that, though I do seem to have found a magic mod with no associated quest tab, so there might be stuff I'm not seeing. Idea that occurred to me after I stopped tonight: can I get Unbreakable and World Traveller on a shuriken, so I can just kind of hoover up mob drops into my base? Probably want to add looting and beheading.

Minecraft TODO:

I'm clearly pretty excited about this Minecraft stuff, but I'll get back to PICO-8 soon and keep up with everything else, I promise.