Diary 2019-01-06

By Max Woerner Chase

I "didn't have a chance to read" today. Quick thoughts on what I read yesterday. I hadn't realized for a few chapters how much younger the leads are than I am. Also, I mentally glossed over stuff like what kind of car they had (like how you have to ignore how big the apartments are in sitcoms), so good on the author for pretty much coming out and saying "yeah, they're all pretty rich". Male lead has an adorable little brother to give himself someone else to better himself for. ... Who he nearly attacked.

None of this is a criticism of the writing; I think it's actually really effective so far. I would have been all over today, except I was super tired and zoning out a bunch.

I also had some thoughts about game-making that I didn't have chance to articulate yesterday. My experience working with the PICO-8 has me thinking that I need to be giving more wait to what the player sees and feels than to the underlying systems, at least initially. Basically, I trust myself to make systems work, I know I can prop up any given pattern of usage I find convenient, so I have to make sure I prioritize UI and UX over fancy rulesets. With more experience, I might be able to take shortcuts like "this target experience suggests rules like this, so I can just prototype it like that", but I don't have experience like that right now.

(By "didn't have a chance to read" I meant "used all chances to read to play Minecraft instead".)