Diary 2018-12-21

By Max Woerner Chase

I finished up my last workday of the year. Time to unwind for a while, because that was exhausting.

I realized today that I'm mildly interested in learning more about Erlang, and I further realized that I have some Erlang books on my Kindle. When one of the ridiculous number of digital artifacts I own happens to be something I get interested in at a later time, it... probably doesn't justify the ridiculous number, but it's nice, I guess. Anyway, I ended up noticing that I'd failed to categorize a bunch of the books on there, so I went through my downloaded books and sorted them out. I ran across a few books I'd like to check out further in the future: some programming books that might be interesting, and some books that I started reading and then got distracted from my Kindle.

My plans, now that I have free time:

It'd be cool if I had a more concrete thing I'd done to talk about, but frankly I have been fried all week. Good night.