Diary 2018-10-29

By Max Woerner Chase

The main campaign in Opus Magnum felt a bit short, and I need some time to psych myself up for the post-game. In the meantime, Exapunks, and waah, rewiring my heart is hard. (Playing all this Zachtronics stuff has me wanting to check out KOHCTPYKTOP again. КОНСТРУКТОР? Anyway, turns out I need to update Flash to do that. Bummer.)

I had some thoughts on doing game stuff with Ink. One possible way to do things with dynamic increases would be to have "template" stories, that the game can create multiple copies of, and pass aggregate values into the main story. Like, there could be any number of instances of a "wagon" story active at once, and the player would interact with them separately, propagating changes to values into stuff like sums in the main story. I don't want that kind of thing to be my first resort, but it's a definite possibility if things get really elaborate.

To figure out what kind of tech stuff I should be working on, I need to take the stuff I was listing out yesterday, and really put the squeeze to myself in terms of what each part will look like, and whether I'm missing anything.

I think I might end up trying to spec this game out some using Ink, which is confusing to me, so then again, maybe I won't.

I need to look over my plans for future work, but for now I think I'll talk about the Lua stuff I'm working on, for next week.