Conworld Codex - Modeling 2018-09-30

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

I ended up not doing too much work on the "what predicates do I actually need" problem.

I figured it makes sense to model narrator-ness, parentage, the location of significant events, and affiliation, among other things. I don't have a good handle on how to represent them, though, and I also want some way to bring temporal logic of some kind into it. One thing I need to add to my current very-rough draft is marking things with the narrator, so it works out to statements. Perhaps that's how I want to model it: pairs of "narrator" and "what they said, possibly in some kind of structured format."

For now, the things I'm going to focus on are:

The more I think about the structure of the codex files, the more I think, the narratives should be given as raw facts, and the rules should be non-diegetic commentary.

Stuff like, the narrator here, Bwatts'a, would say stuff like "I hunt with the help of my bvejj, Fol'ze." and I'd add a separate commentary clause to the effect of "'Bvejj' is the Gwacha word for a boar-like creature with horns. They are omnivorous and understand simple commands. Under favorable conditions, one can take down a target the size of a large deer."

(How far can I exceed these limits while still writing stuff that's recognizably English...)

Next time, how this week went.