Conlanging 2020-10-08

By Max Woerner Chase

I made a little more headway on the Kahtsaai grammar (There's the word I was looking for yesterday!), but I got a bit distracted with some projects that are relevant to stuff that I'm not writing about.

Thinking about my experience so far, now I'm trying to remember if there's any advice I've read on reading conlang grammars (or grammars in general), because trying to just read stuff in order is... a lot. (I read this, and, hm, yes.)

It wouldn't do for a reference grammar to present things like a textbook, but I wonder if there's some way to compile both in a way that reduces duplication of effort.

Anyway, I should work on reading these grammars more actively, or I'll have a bad time.

Much like if I don't get to bed soon. (Boom, nailed the segue.)

Good night.