Conlanging 2020-10-05

By Max Woerner Chase

I decided to take a break from Cryptopals, and dust off my conlanging stuff. I basically remember what I was doing a few months ago, so I hopefully shouldn't end up totally lost.

I tried to put together a few things inspired by this video, among them a list of goals.

I've got some basic goals written up, but I think I need to go over them some more. It feels like I'm kind of mingling "what I want to accomplish" and "possible ways to accomplish what I want to accomplish". Which, I don't think it's bad to note the latter, but it needs to be called out that that's what it is.

The other thing I want to figure out is guidelines for "Is this ready to show off?". I don't want to be too quick or too slow to ask for feedback, though right now I'm sure it's not ready. I think I need to just look at what other people are doing to get some idea of what standard to hold myself to.

Anyway, I'm super tired, so, I should go deal with that.

Good night.