Conlanging 2020-04-27

By Max Woerner Chase

I didn't get a particularly early start on conlanging today, but I got some needed planning done, and started porting stuff over from my old notes.

My basic plan is that I made a new branch of the repo where I'm writing the grammar. That branch is going to be "everything in the published version [when it's published] PLUS world-building details that guide the creative process, but I don't want to include them".

So far, that just has brief details on the different forms of the language that I want to flesh out.

It just occurred to me that I'm going to want to have some kind of verification that the different versions of the lexicon actually do link up via sound change. Perhaps this would be a case for doctests? Which would need me to get back to that other porting effort I was doing recently. I don't think I'd mind that, but I'm not doing it right now.

Good night.