Conlanging 2020-04-12

By Max Woerner Chase

Today, I started working on the correlative table. I made a few decisions, then realized that I really should get the lexicon into the form of a definition list. I'm working on adapting each individual section of the lexicon, and I'll merge them together later. Doing it incrementally does have the slight disadvantage that I have to keep on fixing the table layout for the glosses, but oh well.

Anyway, as I put stuff into the glosses, I get links to parts of speech out of it, and I'll start filling actual details into those afterwards.

I mentioned I made some decisions. One was to make a four-way distinction in the demonstratives. This is a little outside of the norm of languages I know (one or three seems like the most common to me), but it's not totally crazy, and it should be too much of a hassle to work with.

I might have gotten a bit more done on all of this, but I put in a bit more time on the Ink port instead. As the test coverage increases, the remaining bugs get gnarlier and more ridiculous. One bug covers up the existence of another, causing the fix for it to result in fresh test failures. It kind of feels like this:

Hopefully, there aren't too many more unpleasant surprises, but I can't know until I get through all this.

Good night.