Conlanging 2020-03-30

By Max Woerner Chase

Well, I didn't really have the priorities I was hoping for today, so let's have another quick stream-of-consciousness.

I've got the equivalent of basic declarative sentences, and I've worked out rules for converting them to yes-or-no or wh- questions, and rules for converting those to emphatic utterances.

I've got some rules for negation, but there are some edge cases I don't think I've fully covered. I'm basically not quite sure what I want to happen when the negation applies to a proper noun, but I have some ideas.

There are various constructions and phrases that require a nonce object. The neutral pronoun probably makes the most sense. However, I also want the ability to attach the nonce object to an intransitive verb, which means I should probably designate a preposition for that. (Or have it vary by verb?)

Open question: are the relative and interrogative pronouns the same? My gut preference is "no".

I haven't worked out the causative yet.

And now I'm both getting quite late at night, and to a point in my notes where I really should have taken more notes. There is no more post to be had, it must be done now.

Good night.