Conlanging 2020-03-04

By Max Woerner Chase

Quick post today because things were kind of hectic and stressful, and I want to try to be more-or-less calm.

I'm right now working on getting the (substantial) list of things that need to be done for Dabupan/The Tongue of Light written up in a single file. I also spent a bunch of today pondering a good format for writing things up in, since I don't really enjoy using LibreOffice. It's, like, it's fine. It's fine. It's not great.

I've got some ideas for stuff to try there, but I'm going to need a bit more time to investigate. I'm also reading up on different theories of syntax, and trying to figure out what makes sense for what I'm doing here. My notes so far are kind of a combination of different schools of thought, but in more of a "didn't know what I was doing" than "principled" kind of way. My hunch is that thinking about things in terms of transformations might make more sense from a diachronic perspective, but thinking in terms of constructions could be more useful synchronically. I'm not sure if combining them like that works, but I think it'd be nice if it did.

Anyway, anything further has to wait for tomorrow.

Good night.