Coding 2024-02-14

By Max Woerner Chase

Me several months ago: "Why does the Ninja documentation warn you against hand-writing the files? This is really easy and pleasant."

Me now: "The prospect of writing rules for anything remotely tricky makes my skin crawl. ... Oooh..."

So, yeah, I'm at a bit of a juncture here. Either I can write code to generate some gnarly nonsense for Ninja to work with, or I can try out something else, like, see if tup acts any nicer when I have ideas like "well, I might want to change the code to translate the draft between different formats, and that should force the build to redo, so I guess I've got to write files like—"

rule python
    command = python $args > $out

build build/preface.rst: python draft.leo
    args = --section preface draft.leo

Or however Ninja works, I didn't actually try that out, in part because isn't fleshed out enough to do that yet.

In any case, I think I basically understand how to try and put stuff together for generating Ninja code, which makes it somewhat unfortunate that I feel kind of bad right now actually, and just want to go lie down.

Good night.