Coding 2023-07-26

By Max Woerner Chase

I do have some other ideas that I'm turning over in my head to see how I could express them in OCaml, but the current result there is "seemingly pretty poorly". Like a bunch of really messed-up functors...

So, let's get back to Lox. By which I mean, the stuff that Crafting Interpreters specifically recommends against doing, in the effort to implement Lox.

I'm trying to figure out the right structure for the state sets and the "work queue". Because I want to augment the state sets with additional information, let's temporarily call them something else, like "cells". When we're working with cell #n, then we need access to possibly every cell from 0 to n inclusive, as well as "the current work queue" and "the next work queue".

There are several operations that call each other recursively.

Here's what my gut says to do to implement all of this:

All of this gives me a reasonable target to shoot for later, so I'm feeling good about it now. I'm going to wrap up for now and mess with the other ideas on paper.

Good night.