Coding 2022-09-07

By Max Woerner Chase

Well, I started grinding through the Scanning chapter of Crafting Interpreters, and as can be expected, there's just a bunch of "Okay, Java is doing this, so the rough equivalent in Lua is ..."

I'm referring a bunch to my previous attempt, because I don't think anything was fundamentally wrong with it, I just got a little... messy.

Oh, also, I got a wrapper written around one of the tools called lua-fmt, so now I can write complete garbage formatting and then tell my laptop to fix it for me. It doesn't mind.

Anyway, I'm coming up on a bit where I feel like I put a bunch of effort into it in the previous iteration, but I don't remember how that effort was directed. Like, what was I trying to do? Presumably, it had something to do with switching variables between being top-level locals and instance values? I can only assume?

In general, I'm not sure I trust these static variables. They feel... singleton-y?

Anyway, I'll try to get on with this more tomorrow. Hopefully writing some tests will illuminate the situation.

Good night.