Coding 2022-03-25

By Max Woerner Chase

Well, this is awkward. I just spent quite a bit of time working on something that is definitely coding, but is also definitely not MOTR.

I was messing around in BQN, which I might have mentioned before, and I might have said something like "I forget exactly how I heard about this language". Regardless of whether I said it, it remains true.

Anyway, I decided to come up with extremely over-engineered solutions to coding challenges, and it's... kind of slow going. Lots of "Okay, but how does (∨`⌾⌽0⊸≠)⊸/ accomplish what it does?" and "There must be some way to simplify {Strip 𝕨 𝔽○((𝕨 MaxLen 𝕩)⊸↑) 𝕩}, aside from the functions I can inline."

I'm sure I'll get somewhere with this, especially if I, like, ask for help at some point, but in the near term, I want to focus more on building up my understanding of basic concept, and in the nearer term I want to get to bed because it is late.

Good night.