Coding 2022-03-02

By Max Woerner Chase

Instead of working more on MOTR, I'm looking into a few things. One is messing with messing with DBus, with an eye towards getting global menu support for applications that I might write in the future. This might end up not being useful directly, depending on the GUI toolkits I favor, but DBus seems powerful enough that I'll probably manage to find something to do with it at some point.

I'm also trying to put together some code to help with some writing exercises I want to try. Rather than automating the bookkeeping, like with some of my other projects, my goal here is solely to have some way to nicely collect and lay out data as I enter it in. My first thought was "Oh, I'll do it in graphviz", and my initial experiments suggest that that will not work, so I'm thinking about writing code to lay out SVGs, because the major issue I ran into was that the nodes just kind of go where they feel like, and I couldn't get any sense of how to do something like say "space out these nodes along a circle, and these other nodes along a bigger circle".

Anyway, I spent quite a while messing with those things and making embarrassing mistakes, so it's late now, but I'll get back into it tomorrow.

Good night.