Coding 2022-01-17

By Max Woerner Chase

Well, I didn't touch the Earley parser, so, um, "success". Instead, I pulled up some old prototype code from I don't remember exactly how long ago, and tried to polish it up. In this case, the code was for representing card decks. The plan is to incorporate this into one of my other projects, but I haven't done that yet, preferring to go through a few prototype phases.

So, after I posted the last entry, I basically pulled up the most recent prototype, and started retyping and adapting it in Jupyter. Replacing old questionable decisions with new questionable decisions, that kind of thing.

Earlier today, I was able to set it up to represent a basic 52-card deck, and I also got some hanafuda decks in there, albeit missing lots of details. I regard this as pretty promising, because it proved out the following features:

At this point, there are two major things to work on:

Honestly, as I think about planning this, everything comes back around to MOTR. I want to do things like:

Everything comes back to this project, for a simple reason: I see MOTR as my chance to turn my task runner code into a more compact, maintainable format than what I have currently. I assume tox has changed a bunch since I last tried to write a config file, but my experiences working with other people's parameterized tox files have kind of soured me on that idea. I much prefer Nox, but I never did figure out how to track dependencies between sessions, and I want to try to take advantage of concurrent execution.

Thinking about working on this, I think the right tack to take is to focus on other stuff like the poetry until next weekend, and then get back into this. We'll see if I can hold myself to that. Anyway, it's late.

Good night.