Coding 2021-12-19

By Max Woerner Chase

Okay. I did some more work on breaking up MOTR modules. I don't remember if there was anything of note.

I've got more work to do there, but I should make sure I'm ready to add more required functionality, once that's done.

So, that'd be the pair of types that generate Builder[Input[PathStr]] objects, and invoking its flex method with a specified prefix, all contributed keys, and predetermined output data that includes output names and whether to create the parent directory, as well as the index to store the base Builder on (not yet implemented).

Anyway, that's important when I get to split out Builder. Before that, I've got to work with the aliases at the beginning of the types module. There's some duplication of aliases between motr._api.cli.types and motr._api.actions.cmd, and some of them should be defined partially within Let's see what I can do there.

Okay, I'm still not seeing much to talk about here, but there's more work to do, so I'm going to publish and then mess around a bit more.

Maybe I'll have something more definite to talk about tomorrow. Frankly, I'm not going to worry too much.

Good night.