Coding 2021-12-17

By Max Woerner Chase

Okay, I'm still tired, but I'm not in pain any more. I want to get something code-related done. One thing that I've been doing with MOTR, is focusing on new functionality to make writing the motrfile easier. But before I start prototyping that stuff, it might be worth trying to clean up some of the new modules I'm writing. Most of the code I've written is in the motr._api.cli.types module, which is the largest module in the package by statement count, and over twice as large as the next-largest module. Let's see if I can find any points of division.

First, let's see what's in there.

Thinking over this, here's a division that I'd like to try making:

That should properly divide things up so I'm not constantly spelunking in a 600-line file. I'll try and look into this later, when I have a bit more energy. For now, I'll see about getting some energy back.

Good night.