Coding 2021-11-18

By Max Woerner Chase

The Lua code is getting to some design issues that I don't want to work through right now, so I'm going to make some simple changes to MOTR.

Basically, the prototype code for manipulating command-line arguments at a high level is in the following module: src/motr/_api/ I want to add in code that uses these prototypes, so I can see if there's anything wrong, but first, I want to figure out where to put everything.

My initial thought is to make a cli package, and have another package under that with modules for each Fragment type and its associated Options. The current package would go next to that, but I'm not totally sure what to call it. I think I'll just call it "types".

Let's see if I can do that. I'm not going to get too much done today, but I can do that and lay the groundwork for stuff over the weekend.

Okay, that's started. I could make a sub-package, or I could just have everything next to types. It's getting late, so I'll stop for now and think about it for later.

Good night.