Coding 2021-09-05

By Max Woerner Chase

Planning time.

All right, let's trace the data flows that the current interface to MOTR would require for some of my other noxfiles.

The first thing it all needs is to gather the package information. Let's gloss over that.


So, we have: - the package roots - whether they use src - the paths to each requirements file - the requirements file provides access to the package names

(The constraints file is also required to get the path to the wheel file for shiv.)

For some aesthetics purposes, I kind of want to divide the package roots into the common and unique parts. So the data structure looks something like:

My inclination is to first have the common prefix be empty, and then process all of the instances together at once to get the common prefix as long as possible. This could also be accomplished by having two distinct data types.

I'll have to work on this tomorrow. For now, I'm just glad to have worked through this analysis. From this, I can properly write the functions I need.

But at the moment, I just want to be ready for bed.

Good night.