Coding 2021-07-14

By Max Woerner Chase

I didn't get too much done today. I started considering how to use the task runner for more complex project structures (structures that I'm already using, so this isn't a YAGNI violation or anything), and that turned out to take more effort than I expected.

The basic issue is that my current prototype task runner config file, even discounting the code in it that has to be moved into the application itself, is... a lot. It's around twice the length of the noxfile, and I have to believe this is partially due to the fact that it's surfacing the relationships between different actions.

Anyway, the point is, I'm going to need to go over this stuff with a pretty fine-toothed comb to get all of this configuration code into the right state.

I think the right thing to do going forward is to take a break, at least from this, and come back to it when I'm feeling a bit fresher and have more time. I'd better wrap up for now.

Good night.