Coding 2021-05-16

By Max Woerner Chase

Okay, a few things today:

In non-coding stuff, I went over the initial consonant clusters for the conlang, and cleaned up the chart and made a few changes. Going over it made me realize that I'd somehow misinterpreted part of Swedish phonology, but I think I'll stick with my initial interpretation, as a way to make this slightly more like its own thing.

In coding, I wrote a bunch of basic tests for handling configuration, focusing for now on some very basic error cases. Most of the work went into writing test fixtures; I may end up reconsidering these fixtures and cursing my past self later, but for now, I'm just really liking how simple the interfaces and tests are.

I feel like this initial push has me doing things in a more test-driven-development kind of way; I guess I don't want to overthink things when it comes to the code as I write it. And to get that, I basically have to be writing a test, then figuring out the lowest-effort way to get it to pass. Speaking of which, I'll try to make all those failing tests I wrote actually pass.

(Actually, thinking about the test changes and additions I did, I'm not sure test-driven development can be formalized to the level of strictness required by one of the projects I have back-burnered, so I... maybe won't revisit that project.)

Anyway, time to do minor rewrites and try to figure out the different between app.args and app.pargs in Cement.

Good night.