Coding 2021-04-30

By Max Woerner Chase

All right, I'm working on splitting stuff up right now. I'm pretty tired, so I probably won't get too far tonight, but I have split things up a little. Right now, I'm trying to decide what to call the module for the test app class.

This is one of the classes generated by the default Cement template. It's a modification of the core app class via mixin inheritance, that's more convenient for testing in ways that I haven't really looked into. The point is, the current tests use this, and I could see an argument for packages that extend the task runner's functionality using it for integration tests. Will there be such packages? Well, I intend to put most of the code specific to my use cases into one, in order to keep the core package small. Point is, even though the definition of the test app class is trivial (in that it is less than ten lines, and anyone who's worked with Cement could write those lines without looking at any part of my code except the app class name), I'd rather have it defined once than make every downstream package that wants it reimplement it. I'm leaning towards test_helpers. The only thing I'd need to be sure of there is to make sure to name the fixture I associate with the module a little differently, because last time I tried that kind of naming, I discovered a... behavior that I did not like, in one of's features. I'll do it, and make sure it all still works.

And, got it. It's getting late, and the rest of the changes are somewhat more involved, so I'll leave things here and get back to it over the weekend.

Good night.