Coding 2020-11-27

By Max Woerner Chase

I wired in the eval logic. It required some minor changes to the supporting types. Basically, I needed a custom str-stype function that renders Ellipsis as ....

With that in place, and a few iterations on the updated code, I've got the new version up and running. It's... somewhat easier to understand than the old code, I think. It might be slower—I didn't actually measure it, since I'm more concerned about getting the code working and correct, than I am about blazing performance. Subjectively, the Risus shiv has fine performance.

There are still some minor coverage holes, but I think tomorrow I'll switch back to Mythic. My current design for (parts of) Mythic will stress the punq fork a little harder, but honestly not much so.

So, stuff to look into:

Anyway, it's late, so I guess I'm done.

Good night.