Coding 2020-10-30

By Max Woerner Chase

Looking over the systems I'm going to try to implement:

I intend to add support for everything, even the stuff I'm not planning to use, but I'm ready to jettison that.

Here's the basic idea: The Adventure Crafter provides the large-scale arc of events, and hooks into the genre tables from Mythic Variations; the homebrew allows using the V2 fate check, which is much more compact; V2 also provides most of the other moment-to-moment questions, except for combat and task resolution, which are on Risus, and the behavior check, which is on the UNE.

This "just the way I like it" setup leaves out a shocking amount of the original Mythic, but everything else will need to be most of the way implemented.

Mythic will be interesting because it will require references to the modules in some of the roll flows, and the ability to update some of those modules because the original fate check allows you to spend resources to influence the outcome.

Other things that will be required: those same resources will need to be able to listen for events in the game, or to ask for a judgment call at specific junctures.

I won't be using the specific mechanics I have in mind there, but I think that at least planning them will help inform the architecture.

I don't know if I'll make much progress on this tomorrow; the weekend seems like a better bet. Anyway, I should wrap up, it's late again.

Good night.