Coding 2020-10-29

By Max Woerner Chase

Still not handling my time well. I did some hacking on the tkinter/Trio bridge, a mix of improving the correctness and just kind of golfing things down. I'm not using what I have, and it's got some inflexibility that means I'd be reluctant to give it to anyone else until it's been proved out on non-toy code.

So far as the virtual tabletop stuff, I just kind of did a few of the things I've been thinking about: removing the specific requirement for a serializer registry on the classes, implementing common modules, and implementing stuff for Risus. I don't feel like writing tests for validators for the stuff I have now, so I'll probably just add some TODOs and start switching between systems to implement.

I'm slightly more tired than I thought I'd be now, so I should wrap up.

Good night.