Coding 2020-04-29

By Max Woerner Chase

Earlier this afternoon, I added some tentative implementations to my SCA² port. I puzzled over some of my past implementation choices enough that I think I ought to have some proper documentation in here.

I could have worked on that later tonight, but instead I hate-read documentation on how the Git server is configured at work. It has been over a year since it got set up, and the pain from the workflow hasn't gotten any less bad, just more predictable. If I had to sum it up, I'd say that it feels like everything is being sacrificed on the altar of conforming to a specific set of commit history aesthetics that nobody has given me a reason to care about. (I think the basic crux of it is that the server is configured—I think, it's confusing—to require fast-forward merges to certain kinds of branch, and also to disallow "foxtrot merges" to them. The explanations I've read of foxtrot merges say you can do anything you want on topic branches, you just have to merge them back correctly. But my actual experience with plugins that are supposed to prevent this stuff is that the quickest way to address these merges is to... rewrite history on the topic branch.)

Sorry to go off like that and not edit it back out, but I really needed to vent.

Anyway, I'm going to work on converting my porting effort into a flit project and look into writing tests for it. Tomorrow.

Good night.