Coding 2020-01-25

By Max Woerner Chase

So, there's still some work to do to migrate all of my stuff over to this laptop, but I got the blog publishing working. And I'm not just saying that because this wouldn't be online if I were wrong. I tested this beforehand.

Anyway, I've got my roller ready for tomorrow, so for now I'm going to plan out some stuff to mess around with. The previous solo RP rules I was using were some somewhat aggressive homebrew, that also just straight-up included some entire systems. I'm going to start by planning how to pull stuff into my auto-roller repo from all that.

First, one thing I realized, is that to get wemake-python-styleguide happy, I'm going to need to put some of the tabular data this is going to use, into data files that get parsed at runtime.

Anyway, let's see what I need to model Risus. Risus has several kinds of roll. Unopposed rolls use a number of d6 determined by the character, to try to beat a difficulty number set by the GM. Because the rules give multiple targets for a single example (that is, one example features different targets for different levels of success), the "beats" logic should probably live at a different level than the "roll the dice and add them up" logic. This core logic is the same for the combat system, the main differences being around the interpretation of the outcomes. The one thing that needs to be added is "roll some number of dice, and drop all non-6 results".

That should be sufficient for the parts of Risus I was using. I'll move on for now.

The remainder of the reference binder I put together is a blend of The Adventure Crafter and Mythic, that I don't fully remember some of the details for. Let's see how I was using this. So, the starting Chaos Factor is set to 5, which is the norm for most themes; I don't remember if I was going to enforce the minimum Chaos Factor of the Mystery theme. Anyway, it starts by generating a turning point for the initial scene. There's no Chaos roll initially. Anyway, generating a turning point gets heavily into Adventure Crafter stuff. I think it would be comparable effort to doing the rest to write the rest of the reference up in prose.

I think what I'll do for next time is get the current folder properly version-controlled, make an effort to get my old code in, and then start adapting material. Make sure to have tests of some kind.

Anyway, I would have preferred a little more coding or planning and a little less setting-up-my-environment tonight, but hopefully I don't need to do that again. I'd better wrap things up for now.

Good night.