Coding 2020-01-18

By Max Woerner Chase

I'm still feeling kind of rough, but I got some work done on the port. It's just kind of a slow process of figuring out the code a little, then getting a bit more ported. Nothing terribly interesting to report; the original code would probably benefit from a linting pass and taking full advantage of version control. (If there are commented-out bits of code in your source file, you're not taking full advantage of version control.)

I'm still getting to grips with the new laptop (I still haven't put in the effort to make the publishing pipeline cross-platform). I've been tempted to switch up some stuff pretty drastically, but I think what would be best would be to use it enough to figure out which thing legitimately bothers me the most, then work on addressing that. Try to improve my user experience in priority order, or something. Also, I should get backups set up before I do anything too drastic.

(Also, at some point I'm going to be developing in Python really seriously, and I'm going to have to transfer my custom keybinds over. It's weirdly inconsistent from person to person what behavior is sensible or unintuitive, but I know what bothers me, and I'm on borrowed time until I need to put my "" script somewhere that Sublime can get at it.)

Good night.